A Unique PAIN FREE Approach

Traditional methods of remedial massage involve trigger point therapy, deep tissue and more often then not- PAIN. My unique pain free approach incorporates Reiki, Emmett therapy and kinesiology into the massage to ensure great results without the pain.

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45mins $80

Drop into a state of peace with Reiki at the beginning of each treatment, followed by a relaxing lymphatic drainage and chakra balance using the Emmett technique (face up). Then finishing of face down with a full back of the body compression massage. This treatment is done fully clothed. If you have specific pain or muscle issues then the compression massage can be swapped out with specific Emmett muscle releases.


1hr plus  $110

Touch for Health is the foundation of all kinesiology. Using muscle monitoring to see what the body is comfortable with or finds a challenge we can test areas against a goal, emotion, situation or feeling, following the kinesiology charts and synthesis corrections are made according to your own bodies responses and the body is balanced. Areas of balance include physical (muscular tension and pain and postural issues), Emotional (trapped emotions, past trauma and emotional pain), Mental (thought and mind programs, limiting beliefs and post hypnotic suggestions), Biochemical (food, hydration, nutrition etc) and Spiritual (Chakras, blockages, past lives, energetic interference, imbalances in the energy bodies).



45min $80

Using the powerful muscle release technique of Emmett Therapy, integrated with Reiki, you receive a full body (prioritising the hips, Lower back, neck and shoulders) muscle release treatment and body balance. Helping to instantly relax those tight muscles, clear trigger point and pain points as well as align the muscular and skeletal systems to create a strong grounded balance in the body.
Excellent for a full relaxation/emotional/anxiety treatment as well as for the physical aches and pains. Athletes who receive this treatment regularly show increased performance and lower risk of injury. This treatment is clothes on and no oil.


1hr $90, 45min $80

Integrated remedial massage using Emmett therapy, Kinesiology and Reiki. With a unique PAIN FREE approach with instant results, the combined therapies means you get a full massage; releasing and relaxing the muscles, reducing pain and increasing movement, without the pain or inflammation associated with the traditional massage methods. Effective massages no longer have to be painful or leave you bruised for days. 100% of clients say it’s relaxing, amazing and just what they needed!



45min $80

Using her natural gift as an intuitive Empath Melanie incorporates Reiki, Emmett Therapy, Kinesiology and her own intuition to create powerful healing sessions for your body, mind and soul. In this session you will receive an energy cleanse, removal of negative interference, grounding and balancing, energetic shielding as a standard. All healings are open to 'what comes up' for your highest good but can also include Karmic releases, inner parts communication and communication from spirit.